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Argus Support Projects

About Us

Argus Support Projects is a safety and security equipment supplier based in Malta helping people work in challenging and risk adverse environments. That means we identify, procure and deliver equipment where most companies cannot.


Finding the right products

Our job is to communicate effectively with our clients to identify the current requirement. We take a technical approach using compliance matrixes, expert guidance and other tools to ensure that you are getting the product you are looking for.


Practicing standardized procurement

We follow standardized procurement procedures for every sale, no matter how big or small the project. It is in these standards that we can consistently offer high quality service for every one of our clients. We are an equipment supplier that with experience sourcing complex and multi-faceted requests requiring steadfast focus and precision.


Delivering to high-risk areas

The key to shipping to difficult countries is to always have a representative in country. With Argus Support Projects, you always have someone on the ground. If you are thinking to send goods to high-risk areas, we advise that you consult with us first. We can provide access to our network to make sure it arrives to the intended destination safe and sound.


Argus Support Projects – Your security equipment supplier

Partner with us to have access to tried and tested quality products, a dedicated procurement service and the ability to ship just about anywhere.


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