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A ballistic helmet is a piece of tactical headgear designed to protect the wearer’s head from injury from ballistic impact, blunt impact, and blast debris. Bulletproof helmets are typically manufactured to the NIJ level IIIA which protects against the most common handgun rounds.

PASGT helmet

The PASGT helmet is the oldest and most influential design of the three ballistic helmets available for general purchase today. The PASGT was used by the U.S. military from 1983 to the mid-2000s. It’s the original standard when it comes to ballistic head protection.

MICH Helmet

The MICH is the next generation of the PASGT. First released in 2001, it is the product of research aiming to design a ballistic helmet that is lighter and more comfortable, but still as protective as its predecessor. Made of an advanced Kevlar material, the MICH helmet is currently in use by many armed forces worldwide.

FAST helmet

Today a wide number of special ops forces use different variants of the FAST helmet. The most noticeable trait is that it features high cut sides, leaving the ears exposed. Coupled with the side rail system, it allows the mounting of additional combat accessories including earphones,

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