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Military camping gear for military operations, national park services or humanitarian aid

We can provide camp equipment necessary for a variety of operations in all conditions. In all our products we look for the most functional, durable and portable solutions. Discover our line of military camping gear to help your personnel weather the elements.

Tents & shelters

We offer a range of tent sizes adapted to any weather or environment that will keep you protected from the elements, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. We also offer sleeping bags, mobile kitchen or tarps that are made for use in the outdoors.

Sleeping equipment

Buy the best military camping gear to sleep comfortably in the field to warm and comfortable overnight. Our range of lightweight and portable military sleeping bags and hammocks are the perfect solution when a restful sleep throughout the night is needed. Our selection of bedding equipment is ideal for bushcraft, camping and military use.

Camping essentials

When camping outdoors or in field, the essentials can get complicated if you don’t have the appropriate equipment. To help you staying well fed and hydrated on the move, our range of cooking equipment, dinnerware and utensils gives you a various choice of portable solutions.

Power supply

We can supply portable generators that will provide power even in the most remote environments. Our generators will provide you a lightweight and portable solution, a must have for military camping gear. Ask us for our solar panel solutions.

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