Standard FAST Helmet

Reference number: BA106
Category: Ballistic Helmets

This is the Standard FAST Helmet. It is a lightweight bulletproof helmet featuring picatinny rails, NVG shroud and velcro pads. Available in multiple colors.

  • Material: Kevlar
  • Performance: bullet-proof, shock-absorption, fire-retardant
  • Protection level: NIJIIIA for 9mm and .44mag
  • Designed for: police, military, special forces
  • Color: military green, black, navy blue, khaki
  • V50 value: 660m/sec
  • Carbon + UHMWPE shell = 20% weight reduction
  • FAST helmet – weighs less than same size standard MICH
  • Lightweight, multi-impact, ventilated liner with repositionable EPP impact pads and LDV closed-cell comfort foam that is not affected by temperature, altitude, or moisture
  • Occ-Dial adjustable fit band with replaceable leather front, nape, and side pads quickly detaches to allow convenient donning and doffing of COMs headsets with internal top headbands
  • Bungees to eliminate night vision mount / device rattle or vibration

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