LALO Shadow Amphibian, the World’s Best Tactical Boots

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LALO Shadow Amphibian, the World’s Best Tactical Boots

Meet the LALO Shadow Amphibian, the world’s best tactical boots. Designed by Navy Seals, this is one of the most well-thought out and comfortable special forces shoes on the market.


Introducing the LALO Brand

We were introduced to the CEO of LALO boots Jay Taylor at SHOTSHOW in 2020. From that point onwards it was clear what Jay was trying to achieve – to provide the most capable, purpose-built special forces shoe available.


Founded in 2009, the LALO brand vision was to offer tactical footwear created, tested and approved by Naval Special Forces Operators or SEALs. The result is an elevation of standards for tactical and athletic footwear in terms of product design and authenticity. These are truly boots for warriors.


The LALO Shadow Amphibian, the best tactical boots for Navy SEALs

lalo shadow amphibian on a boat

This boot was created to serve the needs of special forces members. Lightweight, packable and with its unique draining ports, it is made for usage on land and in the water.


A composite forefoot plate (that has survived practice grenade explosions), fast dry fabrics and the most lightweight materials add to the value of this boot.


When you think they already have it all there is more. The LALO boot is also made to be discreet. That means an emphasis was made on noise reduction making this incredibly well-rounded special forces footwear.



The amazing features of LALOs


Here are a few of the features on the LALO Shadow Amphibian boot:

  • Puncture resistant composite sole & rotation for fatigue reduction
  • Contoured arch for comfortable performance all day
  • TREK DRY bamboo moisture-wicking hydrophobic and antimicrobial liner
  • Multi-density EVA that cushions your landing & propels toe-off
  • Slip-resistant injection molded rubber for stability
  • Hidden lace pocket to keep laces tucked away
  • KPU Grill designed to keep out debris while allowing for breathability
  • Fin lock or IR Glint tape pocket
  • Articulating heel shape for a stealth approach
  • Durable full-grain leather build


How do I order the best tactical boots for my team?

For individual purchases we recommend you visit LALO’s website. They offer shipping to many countries around the world.


For bulk orders, you can send us an email on providing models, quantity, sizing and your delivery address. We will be happy to offer you a competitive quotation as soon as possible.


Unsure about which model? Ask us and we’d be glad to advise.

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