NIJ IIIA Body Armor Concealable Vest

Reference number: BA110
Category: Bulletproof vests

This is an NIJ IIIA body armor concealable vest ideal to worn under a sweater or a jacket. This equipment offers certified ballistic protection, discretion, flexibility and comfort. Available in multiple colors.

  • Body armor concealable vest with high performance, flexibility, comfort and stopping power
  • Soft armor configuration, concealable and made to be discrete, in thin layers and made to wear under clothing
  • Outer cover of the vest is removable; lightweight; machine washable all weather-proof
  • Carrier material is made of moisture wicking fabric on the inside keeps the wearer cool and comfortable
  • Weight: 2.54 kg including ballistic and anti-stab packages weight
  • Ballistic capabilities: NIJ0101.06 IIIA
  • Armor material: Woven Aramid UD fabric as ballistic and anti-stab panel materials
  • Meets NIJ 0115.11 Level 1 Spike protection
  • Protects vital human organs
  • Fits male of height 170-180 cm and weight 70-100 kg
  • Vest available in black or beige (as pictured above)
  • ISO 9001 certification – manufacturer maintains a quality control system that ensures that products manufactured are of high standard

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