NIJ III++ Flexible Ballistic Plate

Reference number: BA126
Category: Ballistic Plates

This is an innovation in the body armor industry. We are proud to present the first marketable flexible ballistic plate that is tested up to NIJ III++ protection. Produced in Europe, the armor is made of ceramic (alumina), UHMWPE (Dyneema) and aramid. Contact us for interest in flexible ballistic plates.


  • Protection level: NIJ III++
  • Certified protection against:
    • 62×51 NATO M80
    • 62×39 API BZ
    • 62x54R LPS
  • Width: 25mm
  • Size: 25×30 cm
  • Splash-proof nylon cover
  • European materials: ceramic (alumina), UHMWPE (Dyneema) and aramid
  • 5-year warranty
  • Multi-axial flexibility that conforms to the shape of the body (unisex)
  • Resilient structure thanks to a polymer that absorbs shocks

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