Dispatch License for Smartphone Radio & Guard Tour System Dispatch License for Smartphone Radio & Guard Tour System

Dispatch License for Smartphone Radio & Guard Tour System

Reference number: COM107

This is a Premium Subscription & Dispatch License for 3 in 1 Smartphone, Radio & Guard Tour System.

This application which can be loaded on a smartphone or tablet, and which allows you to transform your communication tool into a professional walkie-talkie.

The main advantage is being able to go through a local IP network (Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G) to make group calls (instant and simultaneous calls from several people by simply pressing a button without ringing beforehand). These group calls can be local, national or international as soon as smartphones or tablets are connected to an IP network.

Group calls allow significant operational efficiency gains because they avoid long successions of individual calls to repeat information or find out about a situation.

  • Group call: “Walkie-talkie” type functionality, which allows instant and simultaneous contact with all members of a defined group connected to the network.
  • Priority call: This function allows you to define users who will have priority on the calls in progress. The priority user will be able to interrupt conversations to transmit vital information for the team.
  • Emergency call: Each member can make an emergency call to one or more predefined users. The emergency call takes priority and interrupts the recipient’s current communication.
  • Individual call: Used to communicate with a single user in PTT.
  • Message: Allows you to send messages, as well as transfer data (files, photos, videos, etc.). GPS geolocation: View in real time the position of all team members on the smartphone.

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