Gas Mask Filter CBRN

Reference number: SET102

This gas mask filter is an anti-gas and anti-particles filter that protects against contaminant gases and airborne dusts. It is equipped with a standard threaded connection conforming to EN 148-1 standard. It’s possible to use it on half mask and full-face mask equipped with the same standard connection.


The 425 filter that protects from organic, inorganic and acid gases and vapors, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and its derivatives. Gases must have a boiling point upper than 65°C. It can be used with substances as solvents, toxic particles and microorganisms. It is a filter classified as class 2 (medium efficiency filter) for the anti-gas part and class 3 (high efficiency filter) for the anti-dust part.


Exposure limit for filter 425: with full face mask: for gases and vapors until to 400* x TLV; for dusts, fumes and mists 400* x TLV * = APF (Assigned Protection Factor) as detailed in EN 529:2005 standard.


  • The 425 filter is made of:
  • filter case: ABS
  • gas filtering part: activated charcoal ABEK
  • filtering layer: filtering pleated layer of glass fibers
  • Height (thread excluded): 82 mm
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Weight: 337±10 grams
  • This filter can be used on full face masks.

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