Large Loop Detector UPEX-740 M3

Reference number: EOD105

The UPEX 740 M large loop detector enables low skilled personnel to locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. It is introduced into battle area clearance where large areas have to be inspected and cleared of munitions in short time. It is ideal for road clearance of UXO and A/T mine traps.

The UPEX 740 M applies the eddy current pulse induction principle. It detects all metals, ferrous and non ferrous.

The large loop detector consists of an electronics box, a battery container, a large loop diameter 2600 mm with search frame. A ring coil diameter 260 mm is available as an option.

The modular frame can be assembled several ways, which enables to obtain frames from different sizes (1 x 1 m, 1 x 2 m or 1,5 x 2,5 m), according to the searched targets and the burying depth.

The ring coil (option), working with the same electronics, is used for pin-point location, after detection with the large loop.

This large loop detector is as easy to use as a conventional mine detector. Detection signals are easy to interpret and no advanced training is required for operation. The unit is splash-waterproof and of sturdy design. The target acquisition is indicated by audio alarm and on a galvanometer.

The delay setting allows to suppress the indication of small metal fragments located at the surface while detecting bigger objects buried deeply. This way it is made possible to detect efficiently bombs or big shells buried in depth, with presence of surface clutter.

The large loop detector UPEX 740 M can be connected to an interface DLM-98 for measurement storage, field mapping and further processing by software. (See the data acquisition systems).

Power supply : 8 dry batteries 1,5 V type LR 14 or rechargeable batteries
Operating time : 55 h in pos. low / 25 h in pos. high (LR14)
Dimensions :
Electronics box : 270 x 90 x 70 mm
Battery pack : 290 x 105 x 50 mm
Search loop : Ø 2550 mm
Weights :
Frame : 2,5 kg
Electronics box : 0,9 kg
Battery pack : 1,1 kg
Detection range (in air) :
Mine T57 at approx. 1,6 m
Bomb 250 kg at approx. 3,5 m

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