Demining Helmet with Visor STANAG 2920

Reference number: EOD102

This is our Demining Helmet with Visor protection level standard STANAG 2920. Contact us for pricing and availability.


  • Manufacturing: high quality Aramid fiber
  • Protective surface: 1300 cm² (size M)
  • Fragment resistance: STANAG 2920 (MIL-STD-662E) V50 value> 610 m / s
  • Standard color: Olive green (or others on request)
  • Harness: leather and cotton, adjustable in width and depth
  • Weight: <1350 g (size M 56-62 cm)


Polycarbonate visor:

  • Construction: high resistance polycarbonate
  • Thickness: 8 mm
  • Weight about 1300 g
  • Level of protection: Steel fragment 1.1 g – V50 x 280 m / s
  • Damage to the visor, even slight, requires the visor to be changed.

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